Race Car Rental

Rent A Fully Prepared 4000cc, 300+bhp Race Car

Drive On A Race Track Or Race A Car Without The Problems And Cost Of Ownership


Car Specifications:

  • Car: BMW V8 e30 coupe Wide body
  • Engine: BMW m60 4000cc +300 hp / +400 Nm Torque
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual gear with 1:1 ratio 5th gear, Kaaz 1.5 way geared limited slip differential.
  • Features: Full safety cage, racing seat and full harness, fully adjustable suspension, EBC Brakes Apollo callipers and RP1 racing brake pads, AP Racing bias pedal box, Equipped with Gopro for filming and timing laps. Software for GPS / Accelerometer mapping, sector analysis & data logging. 18”wheels with racing radials or slicks.

Corporate days / Team building activities

Bespoke packages tailored to suit varied group sizes and various skill levels.
Full or half day programs

Activities include:

  • Hot laps
  • Driver tuition /Instruction
  • Cornering techniques & car control
  • Car set-up
  • Benchmarking / improving lap times through measurement & analysis
  • Lap / sector analysis (lap to lap comparison & braking points, building the optimum lap, Lat & Long G forces, sector times)
  • Track etiquette, flags and course rules
  • Immortalise your day with a video of the activities

Compete In A Race Series

Become a racing driver and rent our car for day, weekend or season and compete in a race series

Nazz Cosmis / Toyo 3k / Super Turbo

Race support

Pre-race preparation including fuel ,tyres, tools, registration. Just turn up with your equipment and go.

Track Experience Tasting / Training Days

If you just want to spend a day or an afternoon at the track honing your driving skills a training day package will give you the most seat time.

With up to 4 sessions per hour of 5 laps per session you will quickly master the power and handling of our car and move onto improving your lap times.

A fast lap in a car like this is 1 min 12 seconds, it should be possible to do 1 min 10 seconds. We would expect beginners to start with lap times around 1 min 30 seconds and novices around 2 minutes.



Get in touch and we'll give you the full run-down.